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Fast Money = Fast Fraud

Last month I published an article for Point Predictive titled Fast Money, Fast Fraud Scams. In this I highlight some of the concerns of an increasingly hot market, both in the automotive and mortgage industries. As demand for lending increases, the major competitive advantage for lenders is speed. The speed at which they approve a …

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3 Steps To Fraud Strategy

When I’m talking to fraud professionals or consulting businesses on best practices, fraud prevention can often become much more complicated than it needs to be. Although the proper approach to fraud prevention is a layered one, that doesn’t mean that the more complex the system the better it is. I typically have 3 steps to …

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Auto Fraud Losses Over Time

Landmark Study: Point Predictive’s 2020 Annual Auto Fraud Report

Point Predictive recently released their 2020 Annual Auto Fraud Report which delivers a level of insight never seen before in the automotive industry. The report highlights the severity of fraud in 2020 and how the pandemic continues to transform the fraud landscape. Point Predictive leverages their consortium to identify industry level patterns. Information from over …

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My name is Justin Davis, and I am an expert in fraud prevention, strategy, and execution. I am considered an industry leader in identity fraud and have experience in leading fraud strategy at Fortune 500 companies as well as national credit unions. Currently I am a Fraud Consultant for Point Predictive where I work to drive innovation in the auto and mortgage lending industry.

Disclaimer: Views on this blog are mine alone and are not reflective of Point Predictive

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