Justin Davis, CFE

I’m an expert in fraud prevention, strategy, and execution. I graduated from Franklin University with a degree in Forensic Accounting and have worked primarily in the banking industry. I have experience creating and implementing fraud strategy programs at Fortune 500 companies as well as at one of the largest credit unions in the United States. My accomplishments include saving my employers more than $50MM over the course of three years, reducing annualized fraud losses by 90% my first year at DCU, and I’m also recognized as a leader in the fight against synthetic identity fraud.

Currently I am a Fraud Consultant at Point Predictive located in San Diego, CA. PointPredictive powers a new level of lending confidence and speed through the unique combination of artificial and natural intelligence using decades of risk management expertise. Our technology solutions quickly and accurately identify who is reporting truthfully on their loan applications and who is not. As a result, lenders are now able to fund loans easily without asking the vast majority of applicants for onerous documentation such as paycheck stubs, utility bills or bank statements. This improves funding rates by 40-50% while reducing overall early payment default losses by more than 30%. Together, this helps borrowers get loans faster and significantly boosts profits to a lenders bottom line.

I have experience consulting for various FinTech startups, assisting in the development of artificial intelligence models aimed at identifying fraud, as well as being a leading member of the Boston AI Think Tank dedicated to creating innovative AI to bring BSA into the 21st century.

Disclaimer: Views on this blog are mine alone and are not reflective of Point Predictive

What Makes Me Different?

APPROACH – I focus on a proactive strategy vs reactive. Through root cause analysis I attempt to address the sickness rather than the symptom

ABILITY – In my limited amount of time creating and executing fraud strategy programs I have been able to save my employers over $50MM.

LEADERSHIP – I believe one of the biggest gaps in fraud prevention is a gap in leadership. I have developed high performing teams that are able to identify trends and feel comfortable creating solutions on their own. The best program is useless without the right people to execute it.

INFLUENCE – What I lack in “what I know” I make up with “who I know”. I may not have the answer, but I pride myself in my ability to network and find the right source for the right solution.

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