Identity Fraud & KYC

  • LexisNexis – Offers multiple different identity solutions addressing numerous fraud use cases
  • Socure – Specializing in using 3rd party, non-credit related data to verify consumer identities
  • Fiverity – Leverages AI and User Defined Machine Learning (UDML) to capture synthetic identities

  • CLEAR – Identity verification and due diligence during investigations
  • SentiLink – Solutions for synthetic identity fraud; creating a ‘bureau of bad identities’
  • Point Predictive – AI & NI (Natural Intelligence) focused on identifying fraud and misrepresentation in the auto and mortgage lending market. Focused on increasing approval rates by 40-50% while also reducing defaults by up to 30%

Digital Identity

  • Iovation/TransUnion – Digital and device fingerprinting; consortium model based on a network of related devices. Ability to utilize evidence placed by other users.
  • Guardian Analytics – Digital behavioral analytics. Distinct to the organization
  • ThreatMetrix – Device recognition and ability to leverage the other solutions offered in the LexisNexis Risk Defense Platform (RDP)
  • Nuance – Biometrics, device, and voice recognition software focused on authenticating bad actors targeting call centers

Card Fraud

  • Gemini Advisory – Dark web monitoring focused on carding shops. Ability to identify at risk cards being sold in pseudo real-time

  • Rippleshot – Card and transaction monitoring software that predicts the risk of a card being compromised. Identifies common points of purchase and data breaches

Deposit Fraud

  • Early Warning Systems (DepositChek) – Owned by the largest banks in the world, DepositChek boasts a national database of account data to deliver alerts on deposits that may return
  • Advanced Fraud Solutions – Reviews deposits and returns a response based on a history of returns through the Fed and the likelihood that the deposit may return

Account Aggregation/Verification

  • Plaid – Verify external account information utilizing the login credentials of the user

  • Yodlee – Verify external account information utilizing the login credentials of the user


  • Verafin – Cloud based software monitoring transaction behavior for BSA and Fraud scenarios. FRAMLx network allows for 314b sharing between institutions and the ability to submit CTRs and SARs with FinCEN.
  • Guardian Analytics – Data lake technology that monitors activity for suspicious activity. SAR e-filing is available.
  • Abrigo – Transaction monitoring and alerting for both BSA and Fraud purposes. Leverages dark web data to enhance models as well
  • Feedzai – Data lake technology that leverages multiple data sources. Intuitive and fully customizable.

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